Extraordinary – Ordinary – Soap! – Chapter 8

Lucia, Making a Resolve

The soap bubble I made rose up instead of dispersing  and for some reason, formed into one large bubble.

It usually floats about lightly, so why is it that it’s only one large bubble now? Moreover, in the middle of it stood the rukh.

Why is that so? What’s going on?

I couldn’t blink, and kept my eyes fastened on the rukh.

For some reason the sharp talon that was about to attack stopped in midair and slowly started to withdraw.


The rukh withdrew its front leg that was poised to strike and somehow made a carefree cry. It wasn’t a cry that was full of bloodlust like earlier, instead, it sounded more relaxed and produced an out-of-place sound.

What……just happened??

I unintentionally blinked in surprise. The rukh seemed to have forgotten about attacking, and was now in a state of relaxation.

“<<Wind Wall>>!”
“<<Ice Rain>>!”
“<<Wind Arrow>>!”

From behind the rukh, a shower of magic flew over. Wind blades and ice spears and the like, pierced into the rukh’s body.

From the looks of it, there were 3 sorcerers dressed in the Academia’s uniforms and were glaring at the rukh while wielding their staffs.

“E-everyone! It’s alright now! We are trainees from the Academia, we can finish off the rukh!”
“All the commoners, please escape! We, the people of the Academia, and of the Knight Order will do our best.”
“The other trainees, and teachers, are all participating in the fight! It should be alright……!”

With their hands holding the swaying crystal pendant on their uniforms, the Academia trainees amplified their voices. At the sight of their figures, those in the hall let out a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, the rukh that was enveloped in the soap bubble that had calmed down for a moment, started to rage again once it received the magic attacks.


Letting out a cry that was different from before, the wounded rukh started thumping and kicking the ground.

“Look out! Another one is coming!”

It seemed that the rukh had called for its comrade. That’s right, when we first saw their silhouettes, there were indeed two of them! One was terrifying enough, but now there’s two!

All of our faces paled. The Academia trainees had also gone as white as paper.

After a short while, accompanying the sound of flapping wings, the other rukh appeared with an angry fire in its eyes.

“It-it’s over!”
“Nooooo! I don’t want to die-!”

The hall plunged into another round of fear.

“Academia trainees, fall back!”

As the new rukh stared intensely at the Academia trainees, a voice came was heard from within the rain.

One of the trainees sent a wind blade flying that easily sank into the hind leg of the rukh, yet it wasn’t able to completely stop the rukh’s movements.

The first rukh twisted its body, and thrusted its head back towards the rest of the hall with a vicious cry and its large wings outstretched threateningly.

The rukh that appeared afterwards raised its sharp talons over the Academia trainees!


The Academia trainee that used wind magic was sent flying by the rukh’s claw!

He first flew into a thick bush of red flowers then fell to the ground and no longer moved. No way, it couldn’t be……was he alright? Although I wanted to go over and help him, my body had stiffened up and refused to move.


After spreading its feathers, the other, taller rukh let out another cry. As it was doing so, the rukh’s dreadful beak was slashed off.

“Academia trainees, take the rear support position! We’ll be the vanguards!”

2 knights appeared.

It seemed that they have been fighting outdoors the whole time. Their hair clung to their faces, and their uniforms, which had turned partially blue, were weighed down by the absorbed rainwater.

Despite that, their sword arms didn’t falter and they diligently protected the Academia trainees along with myself from the ferocious rukh.


With a menacing cry, the rukh became aware that its enemy was no longer the Academia trainees, but the knights that had directed their swords towards it. It stomped its feet in frustration and appeared to be even angrier.

However, no matter how intimidating it tried to be, that rukh wasn’t attacking with its talons or beak like earlier. The only one that has been attacking us the whole time was the rukh that appeared later on.

It was a mystery. Although it might have been because its beak was cut off and it was unable to attack, it could’ve just attack with its raised talons like before……


Instead of that rukh, the newly appeared rukh with an uninjured beak let out a roar. By doing that, a strong shockwave assaulted our vicinity.

The shockwave sent the knights and academia trainees who had been defending us flying right before our eyes.

Fresh blood was spilled.

“It’s scary! Help!”
“Run away!”

Once again the battle unfolded before my eyes as the people in the hall tried to escape once again.

Then it happened.

“Hey, hey you! You used some weird magic just now, right!? That, won’t you try using that again?? It’s because of that that the rukh stopped moving, right??”

An unknown man gripped my shoulder and brought my face closer.


“I saw it! Please, I beg you! I don’t want to die! That soap bubble can calm down the rukh right!? Please do it again……!”

Looking into his bloodshot eyes, I remembered enveloping the rukh with my soap bubble.

True, I saw that the rukh had calmed down for a moment there and although it was now enraged, the rukh that I used “Soap” on only fanned out its feathers and seemed to be holding itself back from attacking.

That, if I could do it once more……although it was only a poor ability, it should be able to help the knights  and Academia trainees who are fighting now, right?

I don’t have any sort of battle ability but if I’d be satisfied if I could just protect everyone from another attack.

I’ve made my resolve. Even if it’s just someone like me, if there’s something that I can do, there’s no reason to not do it!


I launched my magic with all of the feelings that I had at the back of the two rukhs.

Please, please work!

The soap bubbles that contained my sincerity enveloped the rukhs like before. The rukh with its feathers standing, seemed to suck it all in as it mellowed.

After that scene, the knights who had stood up despite their bleeding wounds and tried to rearm themselves fell to the ground while the Academia trainees who could only raise their heads momentarily became dumbfounded. An opponent that had been growing increasingly hostile, suddenly calmed down. It couldn’t be helped that they were astonished.

“Wh……at, just now, what’s that magic?”

The Academia trainee that had used ice magic, raised his body with both of his hands for support and gazed at me in disbelief.

By following his line of sight, the knights also saw me.

“The Soap Bubble Saint……!”

Seeing my form, their eyes widened and they let out a surprised exclamation.

What’s up with that? That weird name!


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32 thoughts on “Extraordinary – Ordinary – Soap! – Chapter 8

  1. There are more than one saint~!
    There are the summoned types (heros=saint)
    And there are the ones born with the ability or train and achieve the ability!
    Go! Soap Magical Girl!
    Thanks for the translation~!
    Also, do you think that Celes point of view bonus was important for the story? Do you know if it will take too long?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hmm, kinda? There are mentions here and there in the main story. But I’ve alrdy discussed with the previous translator back then and she mentioned wanting to translate the side stories so I’m leaving her with that.


  2. Now it remains to be seen whether or not she’d be able to tame and pet those she’s “bubbled”. But at least her romantic life is now possible.

    Going to be real hilarious having her bubble a dragon into docility.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It should have cleansing effect, no, maybe like a fresh breeze through the soul?
      So, purifying is really relaxing…
      Being a man-eating monster corrupted by miasma coursing through ones body must be stressful…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. please can you send a message to the one that was translating this project so that she could pick up when you stop …. since you wrote that you wont continue …. ps i really like this novel, its really cute … i like the fact that she did not hurt the beast with her soap bubble i was expecting something else and that totally surprise me this is a total different kind of novel than those of battle over battle, over battle … this one is more of a cute and have an innocent factor…. we all guess she’s in love with the royalty and we all guess some part but she so fun to follow. like an innocent little sister that we dont want to lose all her innocent moment… please if you really dont whant to follow the story can you make sure someone do it for you….


    • Hello there, I’m not sure if you’ve actually read my recent notes on this series, but it’s not that I don’t want to continue this series, but I was asked by the official Japanese publishers themselves, who owns the copyright to this series, to stop. And I won’t ask or ‘make sure’ that anyone else continues this because I don’t wish for legal action to fall on anyone else’s head. I love this series very much too and it is a right shame that I wasn’t able to continue it, but getting into potential legal trouble is not something I will force onto someone else. If there is however, someone out there willing to take that risk and continue on their own, then by all means.


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